An Australian named Joe Cross drank the juice for 60 days to lose weight

Joseph (Joe) Cross, an Australian, is the founder of the JOE CROSS PROJECT and filmmaker of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. In this documentary, he tells his own story and proves that what he did can help people lose weight.

He lost almost 50 pounds in 60 days by juicing fruits and vegetables. He also ate fresh juice for breakfast and lunch during this period. Joe says that it was hard at first because he had to completely change his diet but after a while it became easy to go on with the protocol until he reached his goal weight.

We can see from Joe’s documentary that juice detox can be a viable solution for weight loss.

Joe Cross, an Australian from Sydney, decided to drink only juice for 60 days because he wanted to drop weight. The result was that he lost 100 pounds in 60 days and reversed his type-2 diabetes.

The documentary is currently available on Netflix, the title of it is Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.

Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur, who after a trip to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a film about the benefits of juicing, he made a decision that he wanted to change his lifestyle.

After being diagnosed with leukemia (cancer), Joe went on 60-day juice diet. This was not just a quick diet – it promised to heal his cancer and other diseases too.

In 2008, Joe Cross was overweight, living on fast food and had diabetes. He drank the juice for 60 days to lose weight. He successfully adapted a lifestyle where he ate fruits and vegetables and cut out animal foods. Along with his diet, he remained active with daily exercise.

Joe Cross’s documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is a story that helped many people to change their way of eating habits. This change made Cross lose 100 kilograms (220 pounds). It also improved his health in many ways – for instance by reversing the symptoms of diabetes – and allowed him to live longer than he would have otherwise expected because he was able to manage his new conditions better than before the diet change.

“Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur and author who documented his weight loss journey in the 2010 film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. In the film, he recounts how he became so overweight that it limited his ability to enjoy life and caused him to suffer from a number of health conditions.”

Joe Cross’ documentary about his weight loss journey is a good example of how we can change our lives by shifting our diet – even if we are not fully aware of what we are doing.

Joe Cross is an Australian who has been overweight all his life. He has tried every diet in the book and was intrigued by the idea of juicing. He started drinking the juice for 60 days and lost a whopping 75 pounds!

The documentary film “Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead” tells Joe’s story and how his life changed after he started drinking only juice for 60 days.