Documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This is a chronicle of an experiment by an Australian named Joe Cross

This documentary tells the true story of Joe Cross, an Australian named Joe Cross who sets out on a mission to get his body healthy. It chronicles the journey of how he does this by going from one side of America to another attending juice fasts with a team of doctors and experts. Joe is helped by Dr. Gerson who is one of the top holistic doctors in the world.

The film depicts what happens when Joe starts drinking only fresh juices and water for three months, and how he goes from being severely overweight to being happily fit and healthy. It’s a power-packed story that will have you hooked till the end!

In 2007, Joe Cross took a 60-day juice fast in order to lose weight and restore his health. The experiment is captured in the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and turned him into a national health advocate.

Joe Cross was at the peak of his career and he was traveling extensively as a part of it. He had always been overweight, but didn’t think it was an issue because he liked small portions of food. He started to gain weight over time and his doctor warned him that if he didn’t change his lifestyle, he wouldn’t live long enough to see anyone in his family grow up.

He lost a lot of weight on the juice diet – around 100 pounds – but what he realized after 60 days was that it would be easier for him if he could find solutions that were sustainable so that he could keep losing weight over time instead of going through another extreme detox every few months.

Joe Cross is an Australian with a deep passion for health and wellness. In his documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Joe shares his weight-loss journey.

The documentary chronicles Joe’s 60-day juice diet where he lost a great deal of weight and overcame chronic illness.

The main focus of the film is on the use of juicing to restore one’s health. Joe also teaches viewers about being healthy by eating right, exercising, doing yoga etc.

Joe Cross has not only documented his own experience with juicing in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead but also gives a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of a fruitarian diet and lifestyle in general – which has led people to start their own fruitarian journeys!

Joe Cross is a former CEO of an internet company. In his 40s, he was overweight and on the verge of diabetes.

In this documentary, Joe Cross travels across America from Arizona to New York to Texas with his friend Ed to try a radical new approach to weight loss and health – drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days. His goal is to lose 100 pounds in that time.

This film charts his progress as Joe continues on the road with Ed in tow, visiting friends and family along the way as he looks for ways to overcome the emotional challenges of changing his eating habits and life-style in a sustainable way

Joe Cross, a self-professed sufferer of the Western diet, made a documentary where he follows an experimental juice fast that he believes could help him lose 100 pounds and get healthy.

The documentary is divided into 6 sections:

Section 1: The Weight Loss – Cross details the drastic change he underwent in a 60 day period during which he consumed nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juices. He lost 100 lbs and felt better than ever after being on this fast.

Section 2: The Sickness – This section is about how Cross got sick with parasites due to his new diet. He talks about the grueling experience and how it changed his life for good.

Section 3: The Family Business – In this section, Cross visits his uncle who owns a juicing company to see what it takes to make these juices work for everyone.

Section 4: The Cheating – This section talks about how Cross cheated on his juice fasting plan with some wine in France; he regrets

The documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is about an Australian man named Joe Cross. In the documentary, Cross explores America’s epidemic of obesity and chronic-disease while he undergoes a powerful transformation of his own.

Cross has been struggling with his weight for most of his life until a few years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told him that if he wanted to survive, he would have to change his diet and lose weight. And so the experiment began.