Documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This is a chronicle of an experiment by an Australian named Joe Cross

Title: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: A Life-Changing Journey to Health and Wellness


We live in a world where fast food, processed meals, and unhealthy eating habits have become the norm. As a result, we witness many suffer from chronic illnesses, such as obesity or diabetes. In the midst of these health crises, one man decided to take on an experiment that would not only change his life but also inspire others to reconsider their own lifestyles. That man is Joe Cross, an Australian entrepreneur who embarked on a personal journey to regain his health documented in the hit documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”

The Experiment:

“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” chronicles the life of Joe Cross as he embarks on a 60-day juice fast. The documentary showcases the ups and downs of Joe’s journey as he solely consumes vegetable and fruit juices while traveling across America. Joe chose this extreme method in an effort to combat the lingering health issues he faced due to severe obesity and a rare autoimmune disorder called Urticaria.

Impact on Joe Cross:

Throughout this transformative experience, Joe Cross continuously exhibits determination and resilience in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. He not only loses a significant amount of weight but also witnesses various improvements in his overall health. The juicing experiment allows Joe’s body to receive vital nutrients directly from the source, without interference from processed foods. This format enables his body to heal proactively.

The Importance of Community:

One of the most captivating aspects of this documentary is how it highlights the importance of building a supportive community. As Joe travels through America, he encounters individuals struggling with their own health issues who are inspired by his journey. These connections form a network of individuals who are encouraged to make healthier choices in their own lives based on what they learned from Joe’s experiment.

The Ripple Effect:

Joe Cross’s journey turned out to be bigger than just one individual’s transformation. When Phil Staples, an over 400-pound truck driver suffering from morbidly obesity crosses paths with Joe while filming the documentary. Inspired by Cross’s remarkable results, Phil vows to undertake his own juice cleanse leading not only to substantial weight loss but also gives him control over his previously uncontrollable medical conditions.


“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is more than just a documentary about one man’s quest for better health – it is an inspiring story that teaches us that positive change towards wellness is within our reach when we commit ourselves fully. This one man’s courageous journey encourages us all to evaluate our own lifestyles and consider healthier alternatives such as incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals regularly. By taking Joe Cross’s example, we hope that we can all embark on our unique path towards optimal health and wellness.

Title: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: The Inspiring Journey of Joe Cross Towards a Healthier Life

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with the promises of fast food, quick fixes, and the lure of a busy lifestyle fueled by processed meals. Amidst this chaos, there is one documentary that has captured the attention and hearts of millions, portraying a journey back to wellness through unconventional means. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a chronicle of an experiment by an Australian named Joe Cross who decided to take control of his life and health.

Joe Cross was not only overweight but also plagued with a plethora of serious health issues that put him on the edge of breaking down physically and mentally. He was diagnosed with debilitating autoimmune disease, chronic urticaria, and was consumed with an addiction to steroids. Having tried everything in the world of traditional medicine, Joe realized he needed to take drastic measures to reclaim control over his life.

And so began his incredible 60-day journey across America, armed only with the determination to lose weight and heal himself from within. Joe embarked on a mission to replace processed foods with fruits and vegetables, consuming them in liquid form through juicing. This documentary showcases Joe’s determination to prove that this unorthodox method could make an impactful change not just for him, but for others as well.

The crux of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead lies in its simple yet revolutionary approach towards health and wellness through all-natural means. The message conveyed by Joe Cross is that our bodies have immense healing powers if we fuel them correctly. The documentary also highlights how individual decisions impact our health and can be instrumental in inspiring others around us.

Over the course of his journey, Joe touched the lives of many people who had their own struggles with health and obesity. One significant story is that of Phil Staples – a truck driver who suffered from obesity and a myriad of associated issues. Inspired by the changes in Joe’s health during his 60-day juice fast, Phil embarked on his own life-altering journey with commendable results.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead brought forth a new wave of understanding about healthy living choices and the power each one of us holds over our well-being. It portrays an inspiring example that reiterates how lasting change emerges from personal commitment and determination. As you watch this documentary unfold and watch Joe Cross transform his life through sheer grit and perseverance, you can’t help but feel motivated to take charge of your own health by assessing your daily choices.